Step into the world of "La Isla que se Repite," where Resort 24 explores the core essence and philosophy of Bahama mama culture, taking the spirit and mindset of EL CARIBE to every space in our customers lives. Inspired by the infamous book of the Cuban writer Antonio Benitez Rojo, we were invited to reinterprétate El CARIBE and acknowledge it as something bigger than an established territory. Is a complex culture and philosophy.

In this collection, Bahama Mama introduces a vibrant array of prints, and introducing a new color palette featuring deeper shades of burgundy and black, along with shimmering fabrics suitable for evening wear. This collection reiterates the brand's motto that Caribbean and islander looks are not confined to the beach; they can seamlessly transition to the city.

Bahama Mama also explores new materials, incorporating chiffon fabrics, drapings, and sequins, and textiles like glossy fabric. The use of wraps and sophisticated silhouettes showcases the brand's signature style.

With a focus on feminine silhouettes and gender-neutral cuts, this collection celebrates the diversity of "Bahama Mamas" worldwide. It presents geometrical and tailored fashion, featuring cutouts, minis, and alluring accessories to provide to a wide range of women.

This collection places a strong emphasis on high-quality details and meticulous attention to design.

Welcome to "La Isla que se Repite," a clear journey into the Bahama Mama mindset