This collection is the story of life in an island house facing the sea.We rescue from it the peace and elements that compose it and remain in the memory of the person who lives there. Among them, the sunsets, the food, spaces of the house, objects and flowers. The Bahamamama and Bahamabro in this collection are romantic, simple and connected to the earth.

Home is where the heart is,words like these, we’ve heard repeat,our heart stays here, indeed,in this house we dwell, we live,this house we’ll keep remembering,this is our home, may forever be

The most vivid memories of a place come to our mind through food, its flavours and smells. We had the best conversations and the best coffees there. It is inevitable not to remember the kitchen without the Caribbean Pompeya tiles that cover its floor coming into our minds. This is a tribute to the heart of our home on La Isla Bonita.

And it is here in this Colombian hammock where we let ourselves be swept away by its swing, seeing the sky by day and the moon by night, while reading books and listening to our favourite songs, relaxing the body and mind. Here we allow ourselves to dream without stopping.

The flowers that grow in our garden remind us daily that the love we have for the earth is infinite, like the love she has for us.These bromelias grow next to the palm trees that protect our Isla Bonita, dance with the breeze and say good morning to us every morning when the sun rises.

The time comes when the Sun lies down to make place for the Moon. In that short time of sunset, we go out to witness that phenomenon whereby the sea he gives us our favorite colors, we bathe in his light, we play and dance by the waves while all the colors fade away.There we were, the waves, the sun and me…