This collection was created with the intention of reaffirming the DNA of Bahama Mama framed by happiness, life relaxes’ and eternal youth. La Felicità is putting on sunglasses, living the Bahama Mama experience, inhabiting a new world.

La Felicitá invites us to a more playful way of relating to life. This final chapter, named under the title of the 2021 collection, invites us to remember our inner child and to let ourselves be amazed by the world we inhabit. We start by imagining the feeling of being small and being in a garden surrounded by many flowers. In La Felicità we celebrate innocence and hope.

This chapter is a tribute to this magnificent, powerful and yet gentle plant. It has been our inspiration since our beginnings and we wanted to show its greatness in this down-to-earth capsule.

This is an ode to the classic bandana, we are inspired by the sense of belonging that comes within it and our love for the rock of the 60s. Here, we strengthen our idea of a great community, inviting all MAMAS and BROS to become part of the coolest surf rock band: THE BAHAMAS

We turn the sea and the Caribbean wave into our ally, transferring all their sensations and awakening feelings to every area of ​​people’s lives. Waves of love, waves of love, currents of the Colombian Caribbean coast.