In this collection, Bahama Mama brings to life the place where the brand was born, a place which many have frequented, visited and enjoyed… but only the locals get to experience it and see it as it truly is… magical and mysterious… This place is called Caribe (the Caribbean).

Bahama Mama wishes its Bros & Mamas to see the Caribbean as a local and take them through a sensorial journey and experience of fauna, flora, rivers, sea, local culture and ancestral wisdom.

This chapter is a tribute to this beautiful flower, the Buganvillas, which adorns with its beauty, its colors and the way it dances along the wind, the different houses, farms, balconies and roads of this caribbean land… 

Pescaito is inspired by the fish found in the waters of the Caribbean coast. Above all, they want to exalt the fish as the main economic and cultural source of the Caribbean. ‘A fish is not only a fish…’

Mi Barrio, wants to be a fictitious representation of what would be a common street in the Colombian Caribbean, it is a mixture of the different elements of popular culture that are present in the life of the Mamas Behind Bahamas.