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We don’t believe in perfect stereotypes, we believe in youth as a state of mind. Driven by a youthful mindset, we believe fashion should be fun.


Colombian swimwear brand inspired by youth. We make swimsuits for the trendsetters, adventurers, creative and lovers of the beach and good vibes. We want you to feel confident in your own skin. The only religion we believe in is confidence.

The BahamaMamas are fun, feminine and cool as hell. They color outside the lines and are never afraid to be bold and different. Their style is a mix of effortless, modern, fresh and classy.

Our goal is to design fresh, unique and fun pieces that deviate from typical trends of the beach. Every piece of BahamaMama is constructed in high-quality textiles and prints that molds to your body and sculpts your shape.

BahamaMama lead designers, Nicole Acosta & Rocio Borre ,are two friends with Caribbean influence who are inspire based in their dreams, goals, and desire to show the world everything they have in their heads through the brand.

To accompany the Bahamamamas, we created the Bahamabro men’s swim line. We believe in the individuality of each being and the beauty between the particular, that is why Bahamamama and Bahamabro share graphic language and products (tshirts, caps, towels, etc), we emphasize individual lines in which men feel free to appropriate them in their own way.